Sakabukuro Sake Bags

Brewers used the sack of sake " Saka-bukuro" during thr Edo- period in Japan to filter the unrefined sake into refined sake. Craftsman repeatedly applied persimmon juice on the sakabukuro to imporve waterproofing. Due to this process the cotton fabric'c changed to various shades of brown like leather. Depending on how many dips the color and softness can vary, the darker the stiffer looking like leather or waxed canvas.

The bags are soft like canvas, lighter in color while the staps are stiff like leather in chocolate brown.They have a leather button for closure and are lined with linen with an inside pocket.

The purses are stiffer more like leather and darker in color with beautiful brass zippers. We have a variety, let us choose one for  you.

Made by Cloth and Goods