The pottery comes from a small family business in the United Kingdom, and this is the first time their work appears in the U.S. Sharing the vision of Cloth and Goods, this husband and wife team describe their creative process as corresponding to the way they live: "very much based on a love of simple elements and a craving for paring back so essential qualities can be appreciated and enjoyed. The inspiration is just a 'sense' of something, maybe as vague as giving 'space and light.' I can look at a design and know if it allows 'air to breathe' not cluttered or busy."

The pottery is made in Stoke on Trent, using local, raw materials from around the UK.  It is high-fired earthenware so it is durable for everyday use and safe for the dishwasher. However, it should be treated with love and care. We do not recommend putting it in a microwave.
The variety of designs we offer you comes in horizontal and vertical stripes, as well as floral in creamy and variants of blue color.



Made in LA by a potter who has a strong sense of graphic and interior design. This shows in her modern shapes and form. Perfect for holdng.


Stoneware 1

Made exclusively for Cloth and Goods in our colors; indigo stripes and brown dots, mugs and bowls. Hand thrown by a ceramicist using a cream color stoneware clay.



Made from a master ceramisist in Japan


Indigo Glaze

Made in Japan from a master potter from red clay with  indigo and white glaze in stripes, polka dots, and arabesque designs.