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Lots New Products are in

We have restocked some of your favorites too !!

Here are some of  our favorite Japanese vintage cloth called Zanshi, or kuzuito, is cloth that is woven from threads either leftover from home production of yarn making,  Usually the weft is fed with these random threads while generally the warp is regulated producing an irregular horizontal ‘striping’; if home threads are used, knotted slubs can often be seen. They are a beautiful weave and texture and in particular these pillows.


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Spring Cleaning

It always feels good to simplify, clean out the old and make way for the new!

Stacking all our favorites for future projects!

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Dreamlike State

How can photography be both sharp in focus yet dreamlike? Meet Thomas Ives photographer who shows his work in abstract sea and urban images using his photojournalism techniques. We are excited to be representing his photography. Learn more about his work on our store page. If you are in the Portland area we will have his work up in our studio, so stop by!

BEACH #1 111 x 78 cm COPYRIGHT; THOMAS H. IVES 2009-2





Made by the Hand

As you you know Cloth and Goods core principle and belief is to work with artisans that use traditional methods. We collaborate to make the products look, feel and function modern for the home.  I see a resurgence of this idea everywhere. Here is one of my favorite quotes about the the handmade:

“Made by hand the craft object bears the fingerprints, real or metaphorical, of the person who fashioned it. these fingerprints are not e equivalent of the artist’s signature, for they are not a name. Nor are they a make or a brand. They are a sign: the almost invisible scar commemorating our original brotherhood and sisterhood. ”

By Octavio Paz

photo-24 Space - African textiles - samples of patterned fabric

The Indigo Trail

photo-32 copy

These indigo maps are taken from Catherine Legrand’s book “Indigo The Color that Changed the World”. Here are just a few maps that show places that still keep the traditional methods of indigo dyeing alive in their culture. Just yesterday the BBC news reported the crumbling dye pits in Nigeria, needing to revise the indigo textiles from the modern culture. Once known of as ” the blue men of the desert” (indigo staining their faces)  they are now relying on tourism and outside traders.  And what makes it even harder for tourism is when war threatens their country.

When we think of indigo we immediately go to the Far East, Japan, China, India etc. I have specialized in mostly in Japanese indigo as well as African but indigo is quite popular in the Western parts of Europe as well as Central America.

We are in the middle of production that will be ready on our site late winter, indigo pillows from Eastern Europe.  We can’t wait to  show you!

Each region has a quality of their own. So stay tuned.


Happy Holidays and New Year

To all our friends and customers around the globe, thank you for your support and good energy. Enjoy your loved ones!

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I very rarely write about other companies especially the bigger stores, the more corporate but I couldn’t help myself wondering what was going on when I walked  into a Crate and Barrel. I was pleasantly surprised by the aesthetics  and quality of some of their products and furniture.  Know wonder, Italian designer Paola Navone has designed a beautiful collection from dinnerware to textiles and furniture. Here are a few of my favorite pieces.

From the Mediterranean Como collection- blue and white bowls and the blue and white gauzy linen table cloths.

Mallorca table cloth in white linen with black rim and the Riviera marble dinning table- she nailed it!!! Pictures from Crate and Barrel website.

como-tile-serving-bowl  como-gauze-linen-tablecloth  mallorca-linen-tablecloth  riviera-rectangular-marble-top-dining-table


Holiday Gift Guides

Everywhere stores are posting Holiday Gift Guides so we are too but we want to remember that the most important in all our bustling about is to love one another and to treat each other with respect and kindness.

Have fun shopping!


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Portland Bazaar

Come see us for the best Holiday shopping  market place!